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On-site Sewage (Septic) System Inspection
Construction of a full septic system
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On-site Sewage (Septic) System Inspection
Septic System Construction Design
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All County and Associates, Inc. is the first choice of the construction and real estate community. Since 1992, ACA has completed projects for thousands of clients. It is our goal to have our clients educated and familiar with the processes.

As such, it is important to know that almost any construction activity requires regulatory approval before starting construction. No matter the scale, from installing a fence to building a structure, you need permits. Because the process includes many permits and agencies, it can be a headache. Working with ACA’s civil engineering team saves you time, money and headaches. Every step of the way, we are here to support you and educate you about the process. With a simple phone call or email, ACA evaluates your project and provides you with clear advice. We teach you the steps required to help you make informed decisions. We find that this allows for the best communication and understanding of ALL parties involved.

Our capabilities include residential and commercial projects, which range from a single unit to large subdivisions.We provide various types of inspections and surveys including sewage disposal systems, land, boundary, and environmental.

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Boundary Survey

Are you installing a fence or shed? Maybe you are looking for start that backyard oasis? A boundary survey provides a clear understanding of you property and reduces the likelihood of future disputes.

This detailed process takes time! The end-goal is to validate the site conditions versus the researched documentation. Call us if you need a land surveying firm you can rely on: (610) 469-3830

Building Permit Plans

While every project provides a unique challenge, the underlying principles remain the same. This is where out expertise in land planning allow us to handle the project from start to finish.

A grading and stormwater plan, or building permit plan, reflects proposed improvements to a property. Improvements include swimming pools, patios, additions, or new construction.

Civil / Site Planning

From vacant land to a redevelopment site, every property provides obstacles. From wetlands, to existing improvements and regulations, no obstacle is the same. This is where our diversified and experienced team comes together.

Site planning is like putting together a puzzle. There are many pieces of differing shapes and sizes that have to fit together. The final product satisfies codes, minimizes impacts and returns values.

Driveway Permit Plans

Undertaking a project that requires a new driveway entrance or increases traffic? You may need to get a driveway permit. The permit ensures the location, construction, and maintenance of a safe and responsible access.

Flood Elevation Certificates

Living near a waterway provides a connection with nature. It also comes with the potential for flooding and lost property. This is why homeowners maintain flood insurance. But did you know you might also be able to lower the cost of flood insurance or eliminate it altogether?

To do this, All County and Associates completes a flood survey and provides you with a flood elevation certificate. This is typically then given to your insurance company, if flood insurance is necessary.

On-Site Sewage System Design

Many homeowners do not think about where their wastewater goes. Most people's introduction to an on-site sewage system comes when building a new house or when an existing system fails. This especially occurs in rural areas.

All County and Associates leads you through the permitting process.

On-site Sewage System Inspection

Many homes rely on an on-site sewage system. These systems are a great way to treat wastewater. That said, a failed system can cost $10,000s to replace. Thus, routine septic inspection and occasional maintenance are key. In addition, it is important to have a sewage system properly inspected before buying a home.

Pool Permit Plans

While every project provides a unique challenge, the underlying principals remain the same. This is where our expertise in land planning allows us to handle the project from start to finish.

A pool permit plan reflects the proposed improvements associated with constructing a pool. It is a simplified version of a building permit plan.

Public Sewer Connection Design

For most homeowners, they never have to worry about where their sewage goes. But for millions of others, they currently use an on-site sewage disposal system. Though these systems are effective, they need maintenance and ultimately replaced. The costs add up. Today, public sewer is more accessible than ever. Additionally, a public sewer connection adds value!

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