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Who We Are 

Shows land surveying service being performed by a civil engineerCivil Engineering Experience

In 1992, All County and Associates, Inc. (ACA) started as a three-person firm, formed by All County Investments, Inc. (ACI). ACI was a land development firm that recognized the need for professional services. As a result, ACA has grown to become a full-service civil engineering firm. Today, we merge professional services with practical knowledge for residential and commercial projects.

Almost any construction activity requires regulatory approval before starting construction. No matter the scale, from installing a fence to building a structure, you need permits. Because the process includes many permits and agencies, it can be a headache. Working with ACA’s civil engineering team saves you time, money and headaches. Every step of the way, we are here to support you and educate you about the process. With a simple phone call or email, ACA evaluates your project and provides you with clear advice. We teach you the steps required to help you make informed decisions.

Services include: Construction Management | Civil Engineering | Environmental Permitting | Septic System Testing and Design | Land Surveying | Wetland Delineations and Mitigation

Education is the Heart of Our Operation

Our philosophy starts at the top and runs through every member of the team. ACA’s success comes from the fact that we devote our time to educating our employees and clients alike. Owner, Roger Lehmann, states “The regulations that the construction process are changing every day.” ACA’s employees pride themselves on keeping abreast of these changes. This affords us the ability to educate clients about the steps necessary to make a project work.



All County and Associates, Inc. is the first choice of the construction and real estate community. Since 1992, ACA has completed civil engineering projects for thousands of clients. It is our goal to have our clients educated and familiar with the processes. This allows for the best communication and understanding of ALL parties involved.

ACA sets itself apart by maintaining long-term relationships. This has established a dedicated referral network of satisfied customers. Our team is a trusted source for our rapid and thorough responses, and our ability to handle a project big or small. We never deviate from our primary focus of helping them make informed decisions. Our most significant client groups include:


Engineer and architect discussing plans

Architects and civil engineers have a different perspective on the construction process. That is why it is important the two collaborate in the completion of the project. This is why ACA’s goal is to ensure we foster a relationship of success with architects. At the end of the day, it is the combination of the building and a well laid out site, that provides the aesthetic value the customer envisioned.

Why Partner

By partnering from the start, ACA is able to integrate the architect’s vision. This allows us to shape the world around the structure. Another benefit of a partnership is the ability to bounce ideas off of one another. This allows us to educate ourselves on the aspects of each other’s work, to ensure a smoother process. Finally, this partnership ensures together we provide a managed process for the client.

ACA looks to foster that long-term relationship and collaboration with all our partners. If you are looking at a project, email us at or call us at (610) 469-3830.

Working with a builder / contractorAre you building a new structure, adding an addition, installing a pool or building a fence? These projects are susceptible to unexpected delays because of improper planning and regulations. ACA’s staff help you avoid some of these pitfalls, saving you frustration, time, and money. We’ll help keep you out of trouble so we don’t need to get you out of trouble!

The Permitting Process

Today’s regulatory process is getting more complex. Issues that did not exist a decade ago, now completely derail projects. The permitting process can take weeks or even months. By having a plan from the start, you can avoid these delays during construction.

Obtaining a Building Permit Plan

By partnering with ACA, your project can avoid headaches and delays. These headaches could include replacement costs and legal ramifications. An ACA building permit plan proposal reflects all existing conditions and proposed improvements.

Contact ACA to help you breathe easier about taking on such a project. Email us at or call us at (610) 469-3830.

Talking to the developerRegardless of the scope, don’t break ground without understanding all the requirements. Whether residential or commercial, there are limitations and permitting requirements.

This is where our expertise, including local, state and federal regulations, is beneficial. This expertise combined with our innovative solutions helps ensure your project’s success. Our goal is to keep you out of trouble rather than get you out of trouble, saving you time and money.

Boundary Survey

ACA can provide a boundary survey which documents your property. This includes showing encroachments and easements, which can prevent future headaches. Additionally, it can allow you to remedy current concerns or disputes.

Topographic Survey

ACA’s surveyors can prepare a topographical survey. These plans provide detailed information on elevations and locations of features. These features include buildings, hills, streams, fences, and so on.

Subdivision Land Development

Whether you want to subdivide a parcel of land or develop buildings on a tract of land, ACA is here to assist. This is where a full-service civil engineering firm provides benefits. We handle the complex and detailed process for you. This includes surveys, layouts, calculations, document preparation, and submittals.

Sewage Disposal System

New home construction may need the installation of a sewage disposal (septic) system. ACA performs the necessary tests and prepares the application for the needed permit(s).

ACA can help you by emailing us at or calling us at (610) 469-3830 before your next project.

HomeownerWhether you are looking to sell a home, construct something, or move to your dream home, ACA offers services that benefit you.

Boundary Survey

Looking to build a fence, install a shed or sell your property, then know your property lines! As properties age, corner markers disappear and boundary lines become blurred. A boundary survey documents your property and shows encroachments and easements. This prevents future headaches and allows you to remedy current concerns or disputes.

Floodplain Survey

Do you live along a waterway? Then, flood insurance is a common term to you and one of the most growing costs for homeowners today. A FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map determines if you are in a floodplain or floodway. ACA provides services that evaluate if you are in a floodplain. If so, an Elevation Certificate (EC) may benefit you. An EC is a tool used to determine insurance premium rates and to support the request for a Letter of Map Amendment.

Sewage Disposal (Septic) System Inspection

The functionality of your sewage disposal system is often overlooked. But did you know repair and replacement costs reach up to or over $30,000? Routine inspections are a way to ensure functionality and limit these long-term costs. ACA can determine the type of system installed, the components, and what type of maintenance plan to follow. Additionally, they can highlight repairs that can extend longevity or design a replacement system.

Have a project, concerns or looking for information, call us at (610) 469-3830 or email, we’re here to help!

Home inspector performing inspectionHome inspectors are a critical cog in the wheel of property transactions. Their reports influence the sale price of a home, prevent a sale, or seal the deal. As such, you are responsible for evaluating a tremendous amount in a small period. Additionally, resolving concerns and reinspection windows are tight, as transaction deadlines loom.

Why Partner

So, what do you do when you come across something as critical as a sewage disposal (septic) system? These are unique and timely inspections. So put the responsibility into the hands of the trusted experts at All County and Associates! We know what to look for, from the integrity of the plumbing to the presence of a sump pump. We are fast, knowledgeable, and thorough.

How we Work Together

By partnering with ACA, you bring a partner to the table. Every year, ACA performs more than 1,000 septic system inspections. When bidding your work, ask if there is an on-site sewage disposal system. This will allow you to include the septic inspection in your proposal. When you arrive, look for the key signs like a septic tank or drain field. This is the point to bring our experienced firm into the equation.

We look forward to being your partner on your next job, so email us at or call us at (610) 469-3830.

Working with real estate professionalsAll County and Associates, Inc. is a trusted resource to the real estate industry. Our goal is to help you learn about and better manage your clients’ potential property issues. These include sewage system inspections, boundary surveys, flood elevation surveys, and permitting.

Why Partner

Property transactions are complex, timelines are short, and emotions run high. ACA helps empower real estate agents with information and resources. We understand that an unexpected situation is frustrating. This is why we look to meet on-site to resolve the concerns with the affected parties. Our goal is to maintain your reputation as a trusted voice in the home transaction process.

Educating the Industry Together ACA believes that knowing information empowers us all. As real estate agents, this is vital, as you are advocates and advisors for your clients. ACA offers real estate agents training opportunities on a variety of pertinent topics:

Boundary Surveys | Building Permit Plans | Civil Engineering | Flood Elevation Certificates | Sewage Disposal System Inspections

To schedule a free training or for more information, email us at or call us at (610) 469-3830.


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We are seeking individuals who want to join civil engineering professionals with years of experience. We will work together in a close-knit and fun environment to expand your knowledge. ACA offers the following benefits:

100% Paid Dental | 401(k) | Paid Holidays, Sick Time, and Personal Time | Health Insurance | AFLAC | Continuing Education Opportunities | Close-Knit Workplace

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