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Winter Blues? Let’s Plan a Spring Project

If you’re counting down the days until spring, why not plan a fun project to work on when the weather gets warmer? Whether that’s a pool, fence, shed or other outdoor project, make sure you’re prepared before you begin. Here’s how to go about planning a spring project.

backyard pool and patio with garden and shed, spring project

Contact A Surveyor

Before construction starts, get in contact with a surveyor so you know exactly where you can build. A surveyor (like us) will come and stake out your property’s boundaries and corners to see the extent of your land. They will then conduct research and write a report so you know where and if you can build on that piece of property. This is a vital step before staring your project, as it may reveal property boundaries or property info that changes or halts your project in its tracks. It’s best to know what’s allowed and not before breaking ground on anything.

Create a Realistic Budget

Do some research of your own to determine if your project is financially viable. What types of materials will you need? Are there cheaper options you could choose from? Are there certain amenities that you need to have? Can you do the work yourself, or do you need to hire a contractor? These are all great questions to ask yourself before the project takes off.

Start your Spring Project

Get started on your project once you have the land surveyed and budget planned! Make sure to do additional research on how to safely complete the project if you choose to do it yourself.


Once the project is complete, the work doesn’t necessarily stop there. Pools will need maintenance before the start of each summer and cleaned up at the end. A shed may need repairs to the roof or siding. Fences might become unstable after winter storms. These are all factors to keep in mind as you make a plan.

If you have an idea for a spring project you’re ready to begin but aren’t sure about a surveyor, give All County and Associates a call today! We are happy to help you make the backyard of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions as well! Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn too.

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