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Environmental Review


Most civil engineers are responsible for elaborate permitting submissions. Submissions include requirements to protect and mitigate impacts. These include completing an analysis of the project location versus habitat locations. Any project with waterways or wetlands on-site is more likely affected. Some of the more well-known animals included in the review are bald eagles and bog turtles.


What is a PNDI?

PNDI stands for Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory. It is a web-based environmental review tool. The tool reviews project footprints against endangered, threatened, and special concern species habitats. Habitat locations are polygons for known animals and plants. Polygon shape and location come from requirements developed by the PNHP (Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program) and the four partner agencies:

  • PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • PA Fish and Boat Commission
  • PA Game Commission
  • US Fish and Wildlife

Each one of the agencies has jurisdiction over the different species in the PNDI. These agencies are responsible for further submissions and reviews beyond the tool results.


What is the Process?

Available to the general public, agencies, engineers, and more. The PNDI Environmental Review requires obtained login information from PNHP. Once logged in, the individual will create a project and complete a questionnaire. The next step is to outline the boundary of the review in the mapping software. After review and acceptance of the outline, a user enters project information. The review tool submission follows next. 

An automated pre-analysis process occurs after submission. Depending on the results, a series of questions will appear to get more information. After answering these questions, the tool is formally submitted. Email notification provides applicants with a draft receipt.  This receipt provides clearance, mitigation measures, or a need for detailed submissions.

If the project has no impacts or acceptable mitigation measures, the individual can finish the receipt. Permitting applications to require a signed copy of the document submitted with the application. In situations where impacts may exist, the application will need to be made to the necessary agency. These submissions can require further site investigations and reports. Once the agency completes a formal review, outcome letters are supplied.


Who is ACA?

Started in 1992 and located in Chester County, PA ACA has grown to become a full-service engineering firm. Today, we merge professional services with practical knowledge for residential and commercial projects. No matter the scale, from installing a fence, to building a structure or developing land, you need permits. Because the approval process includes many permits and agencies, it can be a headache. Working with ACA’s full-service team saves you time, money, and headaches.  Every step of the way, we are here to support you and educate you about the process. Here are some of the basic services we provide:

Construction Management | Civil Engineering | Environmental Permitting | Septic System Testing and Design | Land Surveying | Wetland Delineations and Mitigation


Please feel free to browse our website or if working on a project or need help, contact us at (610) 469-3830.