Questions to have answered about subdivision and land development include:

So, you want to develop your property…

Surveyor TripodWhether it’s to create a lot for a loved one or to make money, you are now a “Developer.” As such you will need to comply with the same rules and regulations as those “Big Bad Developers” do. These include complying with municipal Zoning and Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances.

In addition, you will need to comply with all applicable federal, state and county rules and regulations.

What is a Zoning Ordinance and can I comply with it?

A Zoning Ordinance contains the rules and regulations that a municipality, i.e. township, borough or city has created in order to control what gets built and where. Each township is broken into districts. Some of these districts may allow the construction of commercial uses while others only allow residential uses. The Zoning Ordinance also sets forth the size that new lots must be in each district. Therefore, the zoning district in which you are located determines how you may develop your property.

If you wish to develop your property in a way which is inconsistent with the Zoning Ordinance, you will need to seek relief through a zoning variance(s).

OK, so I made it past the Zoning Ordinance requirements, now what?

All subdivisions are governed by a municipality’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. This Ordinance contains all of the rules and regulations which govern improvements that must be installed as part of a subdivision/land development. These range from the simple, i.e. placing monumentation at all lot corners, to the complex, i.e. the construction of new roads and Stormwater Management. What may appear
to be the simplest subdivision, i.e. one new lot, typically requires a great deal of effort under today’s
rules and regulations.

You’re almost there!

You’ve made it past the municipality and you now need to comply with the “outside agency” requirements. Often these rules and regulations can be more cumbersome than the local rules and regulations. These
may include PennDOT; driveway permits, the County Conservation District; earth moving permits; PA DEP; sewage related permits. The list of possible outside agency permits can be overwhelming! A Minor Subdivision may take up to a year to obtain all the required permits.

Remember, these permits must be obtained BEFORE a lot can be built on or sold.

Welcome to The Developer’s Club!

Looking for more answers about Subdivision and Land Development?

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