Wetlands Delineation and Mitigation

Wetlands are (mostly unknown to some land owners) a protected natural resource.  They are the home and shelter for many protected animal and plant species.

All County & Associates, Inc. will send our professional environmental team to your site to locate, stake, and identify any and all wetland locations as well as any endangered species which may habitat your property.  After our environmental team has located the boundaries of the wetlands, we will then send our survey team to your site to survey the stakes, to accurately input the location into our drafting system so our engineers may design your project efficiently while limiting as much disturbance as possible.

This is required for the majority of all land development projects as permitting requires us to specify how much of the property is wetlands, if there are any.

Upon a completed wetland delineation and survey, All County & Associates, Inc. is ready to work with you to effectively complete your project.    Call us now at 1-800-220-9165 to schedule these services today.