Mitigation is a term most municipal authorities use as a type of “compensation” for developing on certain types of ground, most often, wetlands.

Counties and states all have funded organizations that preserve and maintain the protected wetlands.  Depending on the quality of wetlands that are to be developed on, a developer will have to replace the disturbed wetlands with a 1:1 ratio or greater (such as 2:1 or more).  Basically, it is a “Give back what you take” scenario.

If your land improvement project involves developing over wetlands, All County & Associates Inc.’s survey team will come out and designate the exact location of the wetlands, and our engineering department will design a plan that will minimize the impact over protected lands.

Should the design require to cross the protected ground, depending on the county, the builder will have the option of either making a monetary contribution to the municipal authorities based on the area of disturbed protected ground – OR – by creating a man-made wetland equaling or surpassing the area of wetlands disturbed for development.  These values vary per county, and must be determined on a case by case interval.

All County & Associates Inc. experienced project managers will assist you in making the Mitigation process as simple, and economical as possible.