Construction Management

ACA’s Core Construction Management Responsibilities

All County Associates(ACA) core construction management responsibilities include planning, directing, coordinating, or budgeting, usually through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems. Participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation.

Our Construction Management Communications Role

ACA construction project managers are responsible for liaising with other professionals, such as other engineers, architect’s, builders, contractor’s and other professionals to ensure work is being effectively coordinated. We are good listeners and are capable of providing clear instructions and on-site support so that others can complete their work efficiently. ACA’s construction project managers are also skilled negotiator as we are tasked with negotiating terms with contractors and resolving any disputes that may arise.

Our PA Construction Management Process

ACA utilizes the following process (s) in conjunction with their Pennsylvania Construction Management
1. Schedule the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines.
2. Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other
3. Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, and clients,
representing the owner or developer.
4. Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements
with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors.
5. Obtain all necessary permits.
6. Direct and supervise workers.
7. Study job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods.
8. Select, contract, and oversee workers who complete specific pieces of the project, such as
painting or plumbing.
9. Develop and implement quality control programs.
10. Take actions to deal with the results of delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction site.
11. Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and
resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, and construction problems.
12. Plan, organize, and direct activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of
structures, facilities, and systems.

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