Civil / Site Engineering

All County & Associates provides several types of Engineering Services.  Our staff currently consists of a Pennsylvania licensed P.E., multiple civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and a E.I.T.’s (Engineer in Training). 

With this broad and experienced mixture of Engineers, we are most certainly able to have the answers to your questions, or have the capacity to acquire the answers.

Storm Water

Depending on the size of your project, many counties require detailed specifications regarding how you intend to control the storm water. 

Many people do not realize that most times, during construction, more water runs off of your property after you build, then before.  This is because the more pavement and buildings you place on your property, the less ground is exposed to soak up the storm water.

Our job is to control & maintain the extra runoff by designing and applying manageable storm water techniques.

Whether your project requires us to simply lay strategically placed inlets and underground piping, or for us to go as far as designing and completing calculations for an above ground storage retention basin, All County & Associates’ engineers have the tools and knowledge to get it done.

Erosion & Sediment Control

During the construction process, whether it is erecting a home, or re-grading several acres to make room for that future development, all counties in Pennsylvania require some sort of Erosion & Sediment Control (commonly called E&S). 

E&S plans are carefully designed controls that, when used correctly, will filter and distribute the storm water from your site during construction. 

As your project enters the construction phase and earthmoving begins, soil is disturbed and exposed to the “elements”, rain, water, etc.  As storm water drains over these exposed areas of dirt, it picks up some of the sediment and carries it downhill.  This transmitted sediment may end up in storm sewers not specifically designed for such debris, or it may end up deposited in an fragile environment and could affect the ecosystems living there.  To much uncontrolled sediment would ruin whatever habitat it would be deposited in.

All County & Associates’ Engineers carefully calculate and design efficient, cost effective E&S control that meet your counties regulations.


Of course, with our wide range of Engineering services, we also incorporate the drafting skills to put those services onto paper for your records.

Our draftsmen are skilled and detail oriented.  Always looking for the best way to convey the ideas of your project design and put those ideas onto paper.

Using modern Computer Aided Drafting (C.A.D), All County & Associates’ draftsmen can quickly & efficiently draw multiple plans to satisfy all of the requirements of your project.

Big & Small, Simple to Complex :
We will complete your project, Start to Finish.