digging septic system

Sewage Treatment System – On-Site Sewage Disposal System

Sewage Treatment Questions Are you building a new house? Are you adding a bedroom to a house served by a septic system? What is a percolation test anyway? Why do I need a mound in my yard? What alternatives are there? Can I add onto my septic system in the future? How do I size my septic system? Where do I find the help I need to get an On-site Sewage Disposal System done? Think about IT (at least for a moment). You flush the toilet and IT is gone, you open the washing machine Read more [...]
Surveyor Tripod

Subdivision/ Land Development Process…

Questions to have answered about subdivision and land development include: What is a Zoning Ordinance? Do you meet all of the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance? What is a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance? Can you comply with the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance or will you need waivers? Will you be able to obtain all of the applicable federal, state and county permits? So, you want to develop your property... Whether it’s to create a lot for a loved one or Read more [...]

What is a Boundary Survey?

Boundary Survey question and answer article. Questions answered include "What is a Boundary Survey?", "How much does a boundary survey cost?" and "Who can do a boundary survey in Pennsylvania?". Read more [...]
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